Are you interested in the secrets of brewing? Would you like to experience with your team how real craft beer is made?

You can do it with us!

In our restaurant, Mechwart liget Budapest, we offer an extremely unique opportunity for those who are interested in the making of crafted beers. The real brewing experience is fully guided by our competent staff, which goes from the initial stages of brewing to actual bottling!

A csapat a program végén, érlelést követően (10-14 nap) ismét ellátogat éttermünkbe, ahol palackozhatják, és egyedi címkével láthatják el szűretlen sörüket, amit büszkén el is fogyaszthatnak, ha úgy tartja kedvük!*

*A palackokért betétdíjat számolunk fel!

Package contains:

bruttó 60.000 Ft

Would you like to immerse yourself in the mysteries of brewing even more?
Come and visit us!

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 11:30-00:00
Sunday: 11:30-22:00


Reservation, information

+36 70 679 7949

Address: 1024 Budapest,
Keleti Károly street 9.

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